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It should come as a surprise to no one that life is a fast-moving and ever-fluctuating thing. When two people get a divorce, the resulting settlement is suited for a very specific moment in their lives – one which has the potential to change dramatically. A former spouse could lose a job, get a promotion, suffer from ill health, or have significant changes in their financial situation. This is to say nothing of the effect that the changing needs of children could have on the settlement. At Schmidt Law Group, P.C., our Denver post-divorce modification attorney is committed to helping you address your changing life and ensure that your divorce decree continues to reflect your needs.

We can help you to handle a post-decree modification stemming from a variety of reasons, including:

  • Parent relocation
  • Change in income
  • Illness or death
  • Job loss
  • Changing needs of the child

How Post-Divorce Modification Works

If both you and your former spouse are in agreement in regards to how the decree should be changed, the process is relatively straightforward. You need only have your legal team draft a new document reflecting the proposed changes, and present the signed decree to a judge for approval. If this is unsuccessful, or you and your former spouse are unable to come to an agreement, we can help you to file a petition to modify the existing court order.

For a court to agree to modify a divorce decree, it must be proven that the change in circumstances is:

  • Sufficiently significant to require a change to the decree
  • Permanent
  • Unforeseen at the time of the initial divorce decree

Let Schmidt Law Group, P.C. Help

We understand how challenging it can be to revisit these issues, but our diligence and attentiveness mean that we can guide you through this process as efficiently as possible. Our Denver post-divorce modification attorney is committed to helping you ensure that your settlement reflects your needs as accurately as possible.

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