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Whether you are seeking custody of your child as a father or asking for child support payments from the father of your child, it is important to legally establish paternity. In Colorado, paternity is defined as the status of being the legal father of a child. This issue is usually brought about by unmarried parents who are separating or couples who got married after the child was born. The process for establishing paternity can be confusing and even emotionally draining, especially if there is hostility between the separating couple. If this is the current situation you’re in, make sure to put a skilled legal counsel on your side. At Schmidt Law Group, P.C., we have been helping countless families establish paternity in Denver and throughout Colorado. We offer top-notch representation at reasonable rates and are committed to helping you obtain the outcome that you need.

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How Paternity is Determined in Colorado

One way to establish paternity in Colorado is by signing a Voluntary Acknowledge of Paternity form. This document has to be signed by both parents to assure the court that they agree on who the father of the child is. However, as much as we would want all parents to take this route, most of the time, paternity is contested by either party. If this is the case, one party will have to bring a court action to establish paternity. The court will then hold a hearing where the father may be ordered to undergo a DNA test to determine paternity.

If the paternity is confirmed, the father will be subjected to additional court orders including:

  • Physical and legal custody of the child
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Health insurance of the child

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Our Denver family law attorneys recognize the importance of establishing paternity. It can help fathers regain their roles in their child’s life, mothers who are in need of financial support, and individuals who have been wrongfully asked to pay child support for children who are not their own. No matter what your unique legal situation is, you can rest assured that we will work closely and zealously with you to obtain favorable outcomes.

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