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At Schmidt Law Group, P.C., we understand the rollercoaster of emotions that often comes with getting a divorce. For this reason, before we proceed with any court action, we recommend clients to give mediation a chance. Mediation is the process where both parties try to work together to come up with a divorce agreement that caters to their specific needs. During mediation, all the issues of divorce such as child custody, child support, the division of assets, and other related family law matters are openly discussed and negotiated until both parties reach an amicable agreement. Mediation offers divorcing couples the opportunity to resolve their case in a more efficient, affordable, peaceful, and private manner.

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How Does Mediation Work?

When couples agree to a mediation, a third-party mediator will be assigned to their case. This third-party mediator acts as a neutral party, which means that the mediator must not favor nor show bias to either party. The role of the mediator is to begin the mediation process and ensure that both parties are given a fair amount of time to air their sides. The mediator may also speak with each party privately as he/she deems fit and may notify the other party and offer the same private meeting to maintain fairness. Both parties may also discuss privately or without the presence of the mediator.

Below are some of the benefits that one can expect from mediation:

  • Both parties can hear each other’s concerns directly and not get lost in translation
  • Each party’s concerns are accommodated without compromising their own interests
  • The agreement is customized according to the specific needs of both parties
  • Since the process is straightforward, the costs are minimized
  • Mediation is a private process, which means that there will be no public record of any of the discussion nor the final resolution
  • Either party can withdraw from the mediation process any time if he/she feels that the process is not working

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Attorney Laurie Schmidt, our founding lawyer is experienced and accomplished in mediating family law disputes in Colorado. She has helped countless families resolve their divorce issues swiftly and cost-effectively through mediation. Allow her to do the same for you and your family.

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