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While divorce may seem the most common way to end a marriage, some couples opt to file for legal separation instead. Reasons for couples seeking legal separation may vary from religious to moral reasons and allow the one spouse to stay on health insurance plans. If you and your spouse are thinking of filing for legal separation in Colorado, get in touch with Schmidt Law Group, P.C. The process of legal separation can be complex, especially when trying to resolve certain agreements concerning child custody, property division, and other related matters. When you allow our Denver legal separation attorneys to help you, rest assured that we will work zealously to resolve your case in a swift and economical manner.

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Divorce vs. Legal Separation

There are many similarities between divorce and legal separation. Couples who are opting for legal separation because they think that the process is easier will be disappointed as both decrees ask for the same filing, paperwork, and service requirements. Common issues in divorce such as child custody and child support agreements, the division of assets and debts, and spousal maintenance also need to be tackled when seeking legal separation.

How is legal separation different from divorce?

  • In legal separation, the spouses are still technically married but are living as individual persons free from any financial obligations from the other spouse
  • If there is no written agreement, spouses who are legally separated retain their inheritance rights
  • In legal separation, spouses may maintain health care benefits, social security benefits, retirement-related benefits
  • Since spouses who are legally separated are still technically married, couples who have certain religious and moral beliefs avoid the social stigma of divorce
  • One disadvantage of legal separation, however, is the inability of each spouse to remarry

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