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Understanding the Annulment Process

Are you and your spouse looking for a way to end your marriage without the social stigma of divorce? Whether it’s because of religious or moral reasons, couples can opt to file for annulment instead of getting a divorce. While the process for annulment is more tedious than divorce, an annulment will deem the marriage invalid or as if it never happened at all.

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Grounds for Annulment in Colorado

Under Colorado law, you cannot file a court action for the “annulment of marriage,” but you can apply for “declaration of invalidity” which is generally the same thing. However, even with the change in terms, the process of annulment in Colorado remains difficult. This is because simply proving that the marriage is irreparable is never a sufficient reason.

A spouse seeking to invalidate the marriage must be able to prove one of the specific legal grounds which are:

  • A spouse was a minor or under 18 years old and did not have the consent of his/her parents or guardians at the time of the marriage
  • A spouse does not have the mental capacity to consent or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the marriage
  • A spouse was unable to inform the other that he/she does not have the physical capacity to consummate their union before the marriage took place
  • A spouse was a victim of fraud or misrepresentation by the other party
  • One or both spouses were forced to marry under duress
  • The marriage was brought about by a dare or jest
  • A spouse committed bigamy, polygamy, incest, or other illegal acts where the marriage took place

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